Tuesday, November 6, 2007


beside doing concept arts, and character design, I also in charge for the soundtrack. fortunately, a friend of mine like to do a soundtrack and he is still studying at UQ. so it will be a good opportunity for him as well to colaborate in making soundtrack.

we had several meeting at the first semester. what we did was giving him the animatic and everytime we updated the animatic, we gave it to him. most of these were done through internet, however we ever met twice.

one thing about making soundtrack, it will be very good if the music person and the fim person can meet up. because the film person can explain how the feeling and the mood that he wants to have for the scenes.. while the music person can understand which sound is better used to get the mood that he needs.

similarities and consistency in animation

consistency in animation is really really important!

4th October: I had cleaned up the rest of my scene, but I also corrected the shape of the head because it does not look similar with other member's group.

one if the mistake I had done was I did not use the same head shape in each of my drawings (by this I mean is using a 'head reference for each scene'), I just used head from the model sheet and drew them based on what I saw.

in this day, I showed Bianca my test line, then we found out that the head shape does not similar.

more concept arts

a concept art in water color

this concept art was done at the first semester in 2007. me, Bianca, Jasmine and Leath had experiment with watercolor down near Goldcoast in with Jasmine's mother. she has an art class.
though this was done in watercolor, mine look like it was done with gouache. :P
I still like it though.

more character design

Here are more character design at the very beginning
one more thing that I learn about creating character design for a film is:
a model sheet seems unimportant, as we thought that all of the character's shape will be in our head. but as i learnt through in making the film, and working together with my group, I learn that what I feel about the design of the character will not be the same with what others feel as each person has their own unique way of thinking.
considering the height, the shape of each part of the body, how the costume will be worn on top of the character's body, whether the animation stay constant in the film, each of these aspects is determined on what happens on the model sheet.

first logo design

this concept comes as Henry and Hariot are husband and wife. at first this idea was going to be used as logo, but during the progress of the film, it changes and we do not use it as logo.

concept arts

this is the concept art for the opening scene for the film.
Henry and Hariot are winding up each other's key. this is to emphasize that the keys have hold a significant life for them.

Dpi for each field.

just a little note for the dpi's for each field.

8 field: 240 dpi
9 field: 215 dpi
10 field: 195 dpi
11 field: 175 dpi

most of my animation for this movie are in 11 field, so I change the dpi in Photoshop.
just a little information for a new beginner:
dpi = dot per inches
it will be found in 'Edit' ---> image size ---> change to the size of the dpi that you need, it is not going to mention dpi in photoshop, but it is 'pixels/inch'

Sharing tool tips in ToonBoom

to color your work:
1. go to the Task Bar --> Scene --> Resolution --> HDTV 25 fps
2. to import your work: start to select the last image from your folder --> hold Ctrl
3. make sure for the animation to have the tick on 'vectorize' and 'optical regulation'. Don't forget that in each of the drawings have to have peg bars.

4. to color the drawings, it will have a better quality to view it in 'color art' mode. (view --> swith to color art)

5. to add frame in your timeline: Shift & (+)
6. when all the task is finished and ready to be composited, add 'write' peg bar on the composition box, and link it to the composition peg. then click on the yellow little square
7. to export them in frames..go to the task bar, then 'file' ---> composite

don't export them as quicktime movie if it need to be in widescreen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Design for character's skeleton

Here are my character's skeleton design. the image at the bottom is the first model ( I lost my hardcopy design >.<), then it developed like the image above it. one thing that I learn about building the skeleton for animation character is that it is alright to not always follow the size from the real life, especially with Henry and Ahriot are their clothes are fit onto their body. so it is really important to get the punctual shape and size of the skeleton to put the clothes on the top of it.