Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sharing tool tips in ToonBoom

to color your work:
1. go to the Task Bar --> Scene --> Resolution --> HDTV 25 fps
2. to import your work: start to select the last image from your folder --> hold Ctrl
3. make sure for the animation to have the tick on 'vectorize' and 'optical regulation'. Don't forget that in each of the drawings have to have peg bars.

4. to color the drawings, it will have a better quality to view it in 'color art' mode. (view --> swith to color art)

5. to add frame in your timeline: Shift & (+)
6. when all the task is finished and ready to be composited, add 'write' peg bar on the composition box, and link it to the composition peg. then click on the yellow little square
7. to export them in frames..go to the task bar, then 'file' ---> composite

don't export them as quicktime movie if it need to be in widescreen.

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